AI/Data Management

AI, which started as a temporary boom, is now in the actual business phase and is being applied to full-scale business in many places.
In regards to the application of AI to actual business, we are proceeding with multiple initiatives.

  • Automating the entire AI workflow with a machine learning automation platform and DataSpider
  • Strategies for data-driven management, such as target marketing
  • Integration of data platforms with the cloud, platform configuration, and configuration support
  • Data cataloging and data management


Automatic machine learning platforms that automatically configure machine learning models by simply providing data are now popular. By combining this with our product DataSpider, you can automate the entire AI workflow.

Image of Target Marketing with DataRobot

We are making full use of DataSpider, which is an ETL product that supports various data sources. DataSpider especially excels at data processing, such as data anonymization, missing value leveling, and format optimization.

Details of Initiatives

DataSpider makes it possible to automate the entire AI workflow without programming by preprocessing data and data integration of predication and classification results with existing systems.
Multiple data sources can be used to build data infrastructure, and changes in source data and requirements can be responded to flexibly.

Reversible Encryption of Items with DataSpider