Details of Initiatives

We are developing strategies to become the No.1 technology company in specialized fields such as AWS/Azure/Container/DevOps/Python/AI/machine learning/data science, and are making concerted efforts to acquire new technologies and improve the quality of services.

In the field of cloud computing, we are focusing on training support for the engineers in our company, as well as the sharing of information outside the company. The efforts of our company employees up until now have been recognized by selection in the Microsoft Azure category of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award program sponsored by the Microsoft Corporation, and in "2021 APN AWS Top Engineers" which is awarded to engineers who supported customers with their advanced technical skills for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Saison Technology, along with focusing on the training of personnel who can lead digital technology, contributes to the creation of value for our customers with our high technological skills.

Microsoft MVP

Microsoft MVP (hereafter "MVP") refers to a person who, in addition to having both passion and technical expertise, contributes to the sharing of knowledge and know-how with other users. Additionally, MVPs have frequent opportunities to hear the opinions and requests of other users in their specialized fields, so they also act as a presence for sharing product information and returning feedback and suggestions on product design, development, and support.

2021 APN AWS Top Engineers

From among the engineers who belong to AWS Partner companies during the activity period from April 2020 to March 2021, AWS Japan examines and selects engineers who acquired multiple AWS certifications/qualifications, who are engaged in activities that demonstrate their technical skills not just for their company but for the sake of the public, and who are engaged in activities that demonstrate their technical skills and achieved results.