Service Platform Configuration/Operation (Cloud Network)

Engineers with extensive operation experience offer support, from introduction to design/configuration/operation, for the optimal service platform (cloud network, etc.) to support our customer's business.

Image of Services (for Cloud Services)

*For the cloud, AWS and Azure are supported.

Provide cloud services together with the necessary infrastructure network
Fully managed support for the operational services that are required to use cloud services

*Monitoring, backups, job management, incident management, routine tasks, operational improvement, reporting, configuration management, etc.

Image of Services

Provided Services

  • Consultation Service
    We propose the optimal service platform that contributes to our customer's business based on the entire infrastructure.
  • VPN Connection Service
    We offer one-stop implementation of dedicated connections to public clouds, etc.
  • Design/Configuration Services
    Based on the consulting contents, we design and configure a service platform.
  • Migration/DR Services
    We support migration to the cloud and configuration/operation of DR environments.
  • Operation Services
    We provide the operation services necessary for the system.