Management Policy

March 2024

Basic Corporate Management Policy

Connect the world’s data and make it useful for everyone.
<Our Values>
  • Customer Centric
  • Proactive
  • Respect

Target Management Benchmarks

The medium-and long-term goal for our group is to be an attractive, invaluable, and highly profitable IT corporation and to increase our corporate value. Specifically, we have established a management benchmark of continuously achieving an ROE of 20% and more. The numerical targets we described in our new business plan for FYE March 2025 are as follows.

  • Consolidated net sales: 25.5 billion yen
  • Consolidated operating income: 2.2 billion yen
  • Consolidated net income: 1.5 billion yen

Dividends Policy

Saison Technology aims to become a company that develops highly profitable businesses by providing high-quality services with high productivity based on its Mission of "Connect the world’s data and make it useful for everyone."As we set the goal of constantly recording a 20% of ROE in our medium-term management plan to become an attractive and rare highly profitable IT company and maximize our corporate value, we aim to further enhance shareholder returns at the same time. To manage the business in the interest of balance sheet control based on the optimal capital structure toward achieving our management target, we have set the equity ratio and TSR (total shareholder return) as management indicators, in addition to the 20% ROE which we have already set as a management target. To realize shareholder returns appropriate for a high ROE company, we have established our dividends policy as follows.

  1. Setting a 10% DOE (dividend on equity) as a guide.
  2. Aiming for an optimum capital structure by maintaining the equity ratio of 50% to 75%.
  3. Paying about a half of the forecast full-year dividends as interim dividends.
    With this dividends policy, we believe that we will be able to satisfy both capital efficiency and financial safety by realizing shareholder returns in which dividends will exceed the cost of capital even if the cost of capital is 8%, and by maintaining the target equity ratio, as long as the DOE is 10%.